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Situated in Cochin My Kerala Tours is one of the best options that you could have for seeing Kerala the way it should be seen, the most hassle-free way.

Kerala, is one of the few places on earth blessed with a unique landscape where misty hill stations, evergreen forests, backwaters and pristine beaches ....



The backwaters of Kerala, almost a lifeline of Kerala, is an extensive network of interconnected canals, rivers and lakes spanning the entire length of Kerala, almost parallel to the Arabian Sea... With the Western Ghats towering high above along its borders, Kerala is blessed with some of the finest of Hill Stations in India Unlike the other hill stations of the world where temperatures tend to get to the extremes... With a coastline of more than 550 Kilometres skirting the Arabian Sea and with the promise of exotic spices, Kerala was a tempting destination for seafaring traders for centuries...