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Farm tourism is a type of tourism in which agricultural land or farms are used for tourism purpose.  Kerala has large area of agricultural land.   In Kerala agriculture includes a variety of crops, fruits, nuts and spices. They include pepper, cardamom, ginger, rubber, pineapple, coconut, cashew nuts, tapioca and paddy. Most of this agriculture is located in places of scenic beauty. Such places are ideal for farm tourism. This type of tourism is an additional source of income for farmers and all the people who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. For the Tourists this may be a new experience as these crops and spices may not be seen in their native place. They can gain more knowledge about the different types of cultivation in the farms they are visiting. Some Farms also provide accommodation facilities for tourists. If they choose to reside for one or two days in a farm they may also become more familiar with lifestyle in village and the cost of accommodation may be less when compared to staying in cities. The farmers can also get some additional income for providing accommodation and food. Although this type of tourism is relatively new many farm tourism destination are running successfully in Kerala. If farms are situated close to forest then tourists get an opportunity to go for trekking.  Some farms are situated in mountainous regions. Here also tourists can go up mountains to enjoy the view from the top.

There also many farms that practices organic cultivation. Residing in organic farms has its own advantage. Here food is prepared from vegetables cultivated in the same land. So tourists can have food prepared from ingredients of the organic farm. These farms are located far away from the noise and pollution of the cities. So the tourists feel completely relaxed in a calm and quiet atmosphere in the midst of nature.

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