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Traditional house boats have become one of the major attractions for tourists coming to Kerala. These houseboats have many facilities that are similar to the ones provided by most hotels and resort. The normal check in time for houseboats is 12:30 pm and checkout time is 9:30 am the next day.  All the facilities required for an overnight stay is provided in the houseboat itself. Many of them have a cook for cooking food inside the boat. However, not all of them have this facility. In such cases food may be ordered from outside and supplied at the houseboat. During a backwater cruise in these houseboats, one can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. While relaxing in the houseboat it is possible to see many coconut trees and paddy fields around the backwaters.  There is an open area in the front of the houseboat with comfortable seating arrangements. Here one can sit or lie down and enjoy the breathtaking view of the backwaters. Houseboats are equipped with living room, fully furnished bedrooms, clean toilets etc. During a cruise of backwaters one can also see the rural areas of Kerala which are still untouched by roads.  There are a variety of houseboats for tourists to choose from. They range from standard to luxury. House Boat trips are also suitable destinations for newly married couple. There are Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages for such tourists.

In the past these traditional Houseboats were originally cargo boats that were used for transporting agricultural products such as coir and spices across the backwaters of Kerala. With the construction of new road ways and modern transport systems these traditional cargo began to lose its importance. However, with the growth in tourism industry these cargo boats were modified to make it suitable for tourists to stay. Many facilities are added inside the houseboats to provide top class accommodation. The roof top of the houseboat is made of bamboo and tied together with ropes. Coir is also used on the floor.  The design of the roof is done in such a way as to get maximum view from the boat. The roof and flooring of the boat is completely made of natural and environmentally friendly products.

Most of the houseboats are located around Alleppey. There also some houseboats in Kumarakom also. 

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