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Kerala tourist attraction Waterfalls

There are a many waterfalls in Kerala that are frequently visited by tourists. Some of the popular waterfalls in Kerala are given below.

Athirapally : This waterfalls is the most popular waterfall in Kerala. Situated in Thrissur district of Kerala, this waterfall attracts many visitors throughout the year. Today many tourists coming to Kerala visit this waterfall.  This waterfall is located on the Chalakudy river. Between June and November during the rainy season this river is full of water and this is the best time to see the waterfall. 

Chapra : This waterfalls is situated very close to Athirapally falls. This falls is very close to the road between Athirapally and Vazhachaal.  It is possible to park the car on the roadside and see the waterfalls. The best time to visit the waterfalls is during the monsoon season.

Vazhachaal : This waterfall is located a few kilometers from Athirapally.  There is also a small garden at Vazhachaal and many trees  can be seen here. The names of these trees are also written to familiarize visitors about the different species that are found in the area.

Thommankuthu :  This waterfalls is located near Thodupuzha.  Here you can find a series of waterfalls. Water can be seen cascading down the rocks at different locations. There are waterfalls at twelve different places as the water is flowing down from the top of the hill. It is also possible to go trekking uphill in the opposite direction of the water flow.  You can find forest on both sides of the water falls.

Cheyyappara : This waterfalls is located on the route to Munnar. It is possible for people travelling to Munnar to halt here and spend some time at the waterfalls. The waterfall is located very close to the road side and many tourists stop and take photographs in front of this falls. Some of them also have tea or light refreshments and then continue their onward journey.

Valara : This waterfalls also can be seen on the route to Munnar. In fact this waterfall is situated very close to Cheyyappara falls, less than one kilometer from there. Although this waterfall is not on the road side, it can be seen from the road.

Lakkom Falls : This water fall is situated between Munnar and Marayur. Some tourists who visit Munnar can see travel to this place and see this waterfall.

Thoovanam falls: This waterfalls is located in Chinnar wildlife sanctuary. It is possible to reach this waterfall by going for trekking in the forests. 

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