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Kerala Tourist Attractions Vagamon

Kerala tourist attraction Vagamon

Vagamon is a hill station located in Idukki district of Kerala at an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level. Although this hill station is still unexploited for tourism purposes, this place offers breathtaking views to tourists. This hill station has a cool weather throughout the year.  The road trip to Vagamon itself is an exciting experience.  The zigzag road winding uphill through mountains provides spectacular views to travelers. The road itself was cut from mountain rocks. During the drive we can see deep valleys, steep hills, meadows, pine forests and tea estates. During rainy season many small waterfalls are seen in most places. Some of the Kerala Tour Packages may also include Vagamon

Pine Forest : The pine forest of Vagamon is a tourist attraction. Although pine trees are rare in Kerala there are a large number of pine trees here. Many people visiting Vagamon stop and take a walk through the pine forests.  The pine forest is a relaxing atmosphere for everyone. There is a 100meters walk from the car parking area to the pine forest. Entrance is free.

Meadows :  The lush green meadows of Vagamon is an important tourist attraction.  Most of the hills in Vagamon are covered with grass and this provides a pleasing sight to visitors.  The cool weather is also an added advantage. The temperature never goes above 23°C even in summer. There are several resorts close to the meadows for tourists to stay.

Vagmon Pilgrim centres : Kurishumala located close to Vagmon is a pilgrim centre for Christians. This place was founded by Francis Acharya who was a Christian missionary from Belgium. Murugan mala in Vagamon is a hill which is a piligrim centre for Hindus. There is a temple for Lord Murugan which was made from a single rock. Also near Vagmon is Thangalpara, which is a sacred place for Muslims. Here lies the tomb of an 8th century sufi saint from Afghanisthan, Sheikh Fariduddin. There is also a small mosque here. This is also an ideal place for trekking.

Tea Estates : The route from Vagamon to Elappara is full of tea estates. The road passes through small hills completely covered with tea plantations. The tea estates are a marvelous sight for tourists. It is possible to see extensive area completely covered in green tea plantations giving it a carpet like appearance. The mist covered tea plantations are a beautiful sight for travelers.

Vagamon is still not exploited for commercial tourism although many tourists are now coming to see Vagamon. The number of accommodation facilities in Vagamon is also increasing every year.


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