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Kerala Tourist Attractions Wayanad

Kerala tourist attraction Wayanad

Wayanad is a district in Northern part of Kerala. Wayanad in local language means land of paddy fields. ‘Vayal’ means paddy fields and ‘naadu’ means land. True to its name there are many paddy fields in Wayanad and one of the most aromatic rice varieties known as Gandhakashala and Jeerakashala rice grows mostly in Wayand. But paddy is not the only crop in this region. Coffee is also grown on a large scale in this area. There is also some area where tea is grown. 

Wayanad has an undulating landscape with altitude varying between 700m to 2000m. Wayand consisting of western ghat mountains on one side, deccan plateau on the eastern side and relatively low lying land in its western side. Most of Wayanad consists of mountains and thick forests and this region is also a place of natural scenic beauty. The beautiful landscape and cool weather is attracting many tourists to this place. Although most of this region is still unexplored many tourists are just beginning to come to Wayanad.  With many newly constructed resorts and tour operators organizing Kerala Tour Packages to Wayanad many tourists are finding this place more and more attractive.

Tourist Place to visit near Wayand

ChembraPeak: This the highest peak in Wayanad and suitable place to go for trekking. This peak is located near Meppady town. This peak is nearly 7000 feet above sea level. Half the way to the peak it possible to see a heart shaped lake on the way. It never dries up even in summer. Hovever, it is necessary to take permission from forest authorities to go for trekking here.

Banasurasagar dam : This dam is situated in the Kabani river. It is located at a distance of 21km from Kalpetta town. The favourite activity is pedal boating and speed boat ride. Some go for trekking to Bansura hill.

Edakkal caves : is situated about 25km from Kalpetta town. This place is known for its pre-historic cave carving dating back to 6000B.C. It is possible to find many stone carvings on the walls of these caves.

Lakkidi : This is known as the gateway to Wayanad . This is a viewpoint on the road side between Thamaressy and Vythiri. From here it is possible to have a wonderful view of the hills and forests. There are no major facilities here. This is only a roadside view point to view the hills.

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