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Kerala Tourist Attractions Kovalam

Kerala tourist attraction Kovalam

Kovalam : For beach lovers, Kovalam is one of the best places to visit. There are Kerala honeymoon Tour Packages to Kovalam for newly wed couples. Located about 16 km from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, this beach town is full of tourists from different parts of the world during tourist season.  This curved stretch of land near the sea is an ideal place for beach lovers. This beach extends from the shores till the rocky section of the land where most of the hotels are located. Tourists can get a good view of the beach from these rocks.  The beach in Kovalam consists of three sections. Each section is separated by rocks. They are the Light house beach, Hawah or Eve’s beach and third one is the Samudra beach. The Light house beach and Hawah beach are more popular among tourists while Samudra beach are mainly used by local fishermen.
This beach rose to prominence when the rulers of erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore built a palace in Kovalam. In the early seventies many hippies arrived in Kovalam and from then onwards this small town became a prominent tourist destination.
Kovalam has many resorts and hotels near the beach. Most of the hotels are located very close to the beach. Some of them are facing the beach from where tourists can get a view. Some of them also provide services like ayurvedic massage.
The sandy beach with the coconut trees and rocks in the background makes Kovalam the best beach for tourists. With the presence of many tourists and resorts, one can experience the holiday mood prevalent during the first visit itself.  As the beach itself is a curved stretch of land it is possible to have a better view of the entire beach.
Due to the proximity of the beach to Thiruvananthapuram city tourists from abroad and within India can reach Kovalam via the international airport here. The railway station in this city also brings many tourists from other parts of India.
Places to see  around Kovalam
Karamana river :  This place is ideal for boating. Many different types of boats are available here.  It is easy for tourists from Kovalam to visit this place as it is only 12km from Kovalam. The natural beauty around the river will be worth seeing.
Aruvikkara dam :  This dam across the Karamana river, is a frequently visited by people coming to Kovalam.  An ancient Bhagwathy temple is also situated in this area. There is an entrance fee of Rs.5 per person for Indian nationals and Rs.20 per person for foreign nationals.    
Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium :  In this aquarium there are  many varieties of rare fish and marine species. This aquarium is two kilometers from Kovalam. The entry timing is from 9:00am to 5:30pm.
Vellayani lake : This lake is about 7km from Kovalam. This view around this lake is delightful especially at night. This is one of the few freshwater lakes near Kovalam. This place is frequently visited by tourists coming to Kovalam.
Kanyakumari : This is the southernmost tip of India. This is also the place where the three seas that surround India meet. Although this place is about 90 kilometers from Kovalam many tourists who come to Kovalam visit Kanyakumari. It is also the only place in India where we can get an impressive view of sunrise and sunset from the same shore.

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